There is a lot of talk about e-books right now. Most of it is confusing, so we will attempt to clarify a few points! First of all:

What's an e-book?

E-book is short for electronic book. It's a file that you can download onto your hand-held reading device or into your computer. As in all computer files, it comes in different formats. Reading an e-book is easy - you can adjust the size of the writing, the brightness and the font to what is best for your eyes.
Hand-held reading devices have lots of advantages over books. You can carry a whole library in your pocket! And e-books are inexpensive, easy to read, and a cinch to store.
E-books are available on the internet of course, and there are virtual bookstores galore selling e-books from all different publishers. They can also be found in many public libraries. There are even e-book distributors in some airports for people with reading devices - they buy the e-book and upload it right from the machine! Of course, one place to go is an e-book publisher.

What is an Electronic Publisher?

It is simply a publisher offering books in electronic format. Most electronic publishers also offer their e-books as paperback in P.O.D. format.

What is P.O.D.?

Print On Demand. It's a great way to produce books. No waste - no unsold books to burn (yes - that happens!) less pollution and more ecologically and economically feasible. The books are exactly like good quality trade paperbacks.

What publisher should I choose?

E-book publishers are all over the world - there are English, Spanish, German - you name it - electronic publishers! The easy part is finding them - they are listed with the major search engines. Just type in your preferences and you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. We at Calderwood Books want to publish entertaining books that grab your imagination and stay with you long after you've read them. Give our authors a try and let us know what you think of e-books!

How do I buy an e-book and how do I get it?

You can buy an e-book directly from the publisher or e-book store. There are many, safe forms of payment by Pay Pal or credit card, and most will accept checks and money orders. The book is immediately available for download on your computer - you never have to wait to read an e-book, and you can go shopping for one in the middle of the night, if you'd like!

As hand-held reading devices become more popular the demand is growing, and as people are becoming more concerned about the environment, electronic books are starting to make a lot of sense.

What is an E-book reader? 

E-book readers are an excellent way to read e-books! Designed specifically for the sole purpose of reading e-books, cozy up in your favorite chair and read e-books the same as you would a regular book. The difference between the two being that your e-reading device's library can hold hundreds of titles. Since the screens of e-book readers are larger than the screens of most PDA's, they are better for reading.

I prefer to print my book and read it, what format should I use? 

If you prefer to print out e-books and read them that way, then we recommend downloading the Adobe pdf version of the book.

Why are e-book so ecological?
E-books are virtual books. No trees are killed to make their pages, no fuel is burned transporting them, and no chemicals are used for printing them. They can be stored in your computer files or on disks. They don't take up space. Buying an e-book reader and reading e-books is a good way to take care of our planet.
Books can take you to different worlds, but e-books protect our world.

Happy Reading!

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