Frequently Asked Questions

Are e-Books transferable?

No, e-books cannot be sold, shared, or transfered to another computer other than your own for your personal reading pleasure. Please respect the author's copyrights on all the e-books you purchase. They are priced so that everyone can afford them, but authors have to make a living too!
Thank you for understanding.

Can I print out my e-book?

Of course. The best file to use for printing is an adobe file. The adobe freeware is available on the web to read the files, and printing from them is a cinch. The html files will not print correctly, but they can be copied into a file that will allow printing.

Where can I get Adobe reader?

Just click Here!

What happens after I place an order?

After you buy your e-book, you will receive a link in your e-mail to go download your e-book. It's fast and easy!

What happens if I accidently delete my book, or if my computer crashes, or if I lose my files?

Always back up your files. Keep a record of your purchase. If you lose your book within a week of buying it, we'll give you a new file.

I can't open my book! I can't get my download to start! What gives?

Send us a note using the widget below. We make every effort to make sure our customers are happy and return often.

I see you have books in print now. What are POD books, and how are they different from mass market paperback books?

Our books are POD, that is, Print On Demand. A file is stored at a printer, and when the book is ordered, the printer prints the book and sends it to the buyer. That way, there is no storage costs, only manufacture and distribution. Most books are printed in what is called 'small print runs', of about three thousand. Did you know that only 2% of the books published in the USA sell more than 2,000 copies? Where do the rest go? Well - would it shock you if I say the incinerator? Books are wonderful and we love them. We don't want to burn our leftover books. We also don't want to pollute our planet, cut down too many trees, and burn too much fuel. POD books are ecological, and as such can be more expensive than a mass produced book, but there is less waste. We hope that everyone will read e-books, but if they do choose paper books, then we hope they will consider POD books.

I don't want to pay by credit card. What can I do?

Download our printable order form, (button on the left) fill it out, and send it to us with a check in US funds or money order. Will will e-mail you your books.

Didn't get your e-books?
Having trouble making your purchase?

Fill out the form to contact customer service:

In Which Electronic Forms Do You Publish?

All Calderwood Books are available in PDF format. Other versions are available at online vendors. If you need an alternate format, other than PDF, please email customer service using the form above and we'll be happy to send out something more suited to your needs.

Where else are Calderwood Books carried?

Calderwood titles are also carried at the following venues:

All Romance Ebooks
Amazon (kindle)


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